Eco Friendly with Canadian quality components

Providing Premium Hand Sanitizer at a Competitive Price for the Hygiene of Consumers and the Benefit of the Environment

We believed it was time to innovate, rise to the challenge and do it differently.

Proudly Canadian

MOREthan™ Hand Sanitizer is developed, formulated, mixed, and bottled in Canada. Providing a 100% Canadian made supply of premium hand sanitizer, putting the health needs of Canadians first.


MOREthan™ Hand Sanitizer is produced with environmental accountability first in mind. By doing production of sanitizer, bottles, filling and labeling in one facility, and employing a just-in-time distribution system, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by about 5,000 tonnes, annually.

USP Grade Material

MOREthan™ Hand Sanitizer is produced from ingredients that meet or exceed the specifications outlined in the U.S Pharmacopeia for pharmaceutical products. This ensures that our product is safe and effective.

Why MOREthanSanitizer?

MPC recognized the need to create a better Canadian solution.   

Capitalizing on our experience in medical innovation we developed MOREthan Hand Sanitizer as a premium, medically compliant, fully recyclable, cost-efficient product that solves your long-term large volume and supply chain considerations at shelf including private label and industrial supply. 

Liter/Day Capacity
Sqft of warehouse savings
Tons of Co2 reduced